About the Author

“An Open (and Honest!) Letter to All New Moms”

I am probably a mother just like you. I grew up in the time of Shaun Cassidy, The Incredible Hulk, The Brady Bunch, and The Bionic Woman. I owned Barbies, Loves Baby Soft, and an Air Supply album. Women like you and I probably started a career, got married, and then, the BABY came. Life was never going to be the same. If you were anything like me you had no clue how to start dealing with the staggering responsibility of new motherhood.

When I couldn’t find the answers or insight I needed to help me cope, I decided to write the book I always wanted - A fun, honest, simple, easy-to-read book geared to making a new mom's life a little easier.

My search for information to make motherhood easier has led to the creation of a blog at Help4NewMoms, a place where I get to write whatever I want that might help a new mom, make her laugh, or get her up to date on some of the most important issues of our time as well as American Idol. The blog has lead to invitations to visit and to speak with mom’s groups. Now, I am able to share some direction, humor, and ideas with new moms all over the country in workshops and appearances where I let participants know that they are NOT alone. You are not alone either and it’s OK to take a break and laugh now and then.

So give yourself that break and look around! Let me know what you think about new motherhood and how you like the website. If you would like me to speak with your group, I would be honored. I have to warn you, though, that my hair is now a bit shorter and straight, but I can curl it up if that is a deal-breaker! (And, yes, the photo shown above IS retouched – I had to pay extra for that)

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Claudine Wolk is a CPA and mother of three. She lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband Joe and her children, Joseph, Casey & Ally. She writes columns as well as magazine and newspaper articles on all subjects regarding motherhood in the 21st Century. She also is available for humorous but informative workshops on the subjects of “new motherhood” and “mothers returning to the workforce.” To contact Claudine for a speaking engagement click here.