Being a new mom was so much harder than I thought it would be. I worked hard to get honest, open advice from other moms as a new mom, especially about baby feeding schedules and baby sleeping schedules! The information I got was so helpful, I felt I needed to share it, particularly the help on some of the other new mom issues: breastfeeding, body image, relationship issues, stay at home mom issues, working mom issues, finding fulfillment in life, etc.

If you've wished for answers to many of your new mom questions, your wish has come true! At your fingertips, are answers and insights to some of the hottest Motherhood topics being discussed all over the world. Here you will be able to get the information you have been craving. This website is for you, mom! 

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This website is designed to help make a new mom's life easier – today!

Give yourself a break, New Mom, and look around at the various "Mom Helps" you will find on this website. We want you to have the tools you need to meet your goals as a new mom of the 21st Century.

New Moms are interested in flourishing. They want to continue in their careers, continue to look and feel good, and continue to have healthy, stimulating relationships with their husbands. Use this site as a first step toward those goals!

This website is a safe; place you can come to get some honest and guilt-free answers.

There are no judgments here! Breast feed or bottle feed, up to you! Stay home or work full-time, no problem! Cloth or disposable diapers, I won't tell a soul.

What this website DOES have is what a New Mother craves in their daily life - honesty, humor, and help! You are NOT alone. Take a break and a laugh a little while you learn how to make this time in your life more fun and a lot more controllable.

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